Canada Food Critic releases 6 new reviews

Canada Food Critic ( releases 6 new reviews

 This week we have 2 perfect reviews to present. We have a wide range of scores from very low to perfect! The first perfect score is from the Pacific Grill in Greenwood BC. You can read the review here:

The second perfect score is from Little Turkish Village in Orleans ON. This review was written by me and it can be found right here:

 A very strong scoring review for Boston Pizza has come in from Abbotsford BC. That review can be found here:

 We still have a call out for Boston Pizza reviews. There is just under 2 weeks left to take advantage of the Boston Pizza 10 for $10 promo and to have your review entered for a gift card for Boston Pizza!

Another review comes from me as well. I recently tried The Mix in Orleans ON. This place had great food and would have scored perfectly if the atmosphere was a bit more pleasant. Have a read here:

 At the bottom of the list of reviews for the week is All Hours Pizza and Donair in Edmonton. Based on prior reviews it is no surprise to see this place with yet another bad review. I guess this reviewer should have read our reviews before eating there!!

 Thanks for all of your reviews; I look forward to reading more this coming week.

Stephen Richardson

What Happened To Fast Food?

Do you remember when fast food was “fast food”. There was a time long ago when fast food was coined “fast food” because it was fast. These days it seems like fast food is more hype, myth or possible folklore than a reality. If you show up to a fast food joint and there is a line with more than 10 people in it, good luck getting your food in less than 20 minutes.

 So what is the problem? I would like to say poor management but the managers are at the mercy of corporate headquarters. There was a time when you could walk into a fast food joint, place your order, pay for your order, and walk away with your order almost instantly. That’s because everything was made in advance. That burger I ordered came from a hot table with about 50 other burgers ready to go. Back then, nothing was made to order unless it was not a standard order. Back then, menu’s were simple; burgers and fries with a soda. A manager could predict the noon hour rush and start prepping the food early and have the proper staff on hand. The manager would likely know with a close degree of accuracy how many of each burger would sell. Now menus are larger. There are 10 different type of burgers, 6 different salads, a bunch of sandwiches and the list goes on. There are too many options and no chance of predicting what to have prepared early. If you want fast food keep it simple!!

There was also a time when fast food was cheap. Right now if I go to get a meal and I upsize the fries and drink I will pay between $8-$10 for my meal. A friend of mine pays $10-$12. I am not getting any more food than I did before but I am losing service. There was a time, like 2 years ago, when I would go to Burger King for 99 cent Jr. Whopper. Now they are about $2.50 regular price. That’s insanity. As far as McDonalds goes, they seem to have wandered down a devastating path in my opinion. I just boycott them now. I was hooked in the Big Extra which is now just an over priced crumb that fell off the side of a Whopper. I swear the Big Extra has shrank 50% in size and gained 50% in price. I thought the Big Extra was McDonald’s version of the Whopper when they launched it. Now it not even as big as a Jr. Whopper.

So this begs the question, why pay $8-$12 for food that has been shown to be extremely bad for your health and takes too long to receive considering the name “fast food”. Well, I pay it for the same reason as anyone else, I like fast food. That being said I rarely pay full price for fast food. I know what days to hit what joints for the daily specials on the meals. For example, I go to Burger King for what I call Whopper Wednesday’s. It’s a $2 whopper!! That’s a great deal. The meal is about $4.50 which is close to 50% off regular price.

So, what alternatives are there to over priced, slow fast food with no nutritional value? I guess you could stand in line at subway for a week or two for something healthier. I could be like Jarrod and lose a few hundred pounds. But lets be honest, the only way I would ever lose weight by eating subway is getting exercise dancing around from having to pee because of trying to hold my place in line when its already been 30 minutes and the Joe Blow 10 people in front of can not decide between the Meatball Marinara and the Chicken Pizziola which he is ordering for the health benefits and not realizing that the nutritional value is no better than the Whopper at Burger King next door.

Well, where does all of this leave you. If fast food is slow, expensive, and void of nutritional value, why not just go sit down at a chain restaurant and have a real meal. Most places have a lunch menu where your food is guaranteed fast. I believe Montana’s guarantees your food in 15 minutes or its free. Wouldn’t you rather be sitting for 15 minutes as opposed to standing in a line? Another option is Swiss Chalet. Right now they have an all you can eat lunch for $7.95. You get soup, salad, and bread sticks. If your going to spend around $10 why not get some service with that meal and I am sure there is more nutrition from a restaurant meal versus the fast food joint.

So, lets stop standing in line for over priced slow fast food and take a load off while waiting to be served from well… anything not fast food. Just cross your fingers and hope the server does a good job or otherwise your 15 minutes or its free turns into a 45 minute wait for the check. And its still not free because the food it self got there in 14 minutes and 59 seconds.

Stephen Richardson

Call for Boston Pizza Reviews

Canada Food Critic has posted a call for reviews on Boston Pizza. Until the end of October Boston Pizza is featuring 10 meals for $10. It’s a great deal and Canada Food Critic wants everyone to take advantage of that deal. Get out to your local Boston Pizza and then drop by Canada Food Critic and leave your review.

Canada Food Critic has recently reviewed Boston Pizza in Orleans Ontario. They scored a perfect 5. Read the review right here:


For your continued support for Canada Food Critic and your Restaurant Review of Boston Pizza there will be one random drawing among all Boston Pizza review entries in the month of October for a $25 gift card to Boston Pizza.


Stephen Richardson