McDonald’s has “Pester Power”

For a third time McD0nald’s takes the top honor at the Food Marketing Fame and Shame Awards. Apparently McDonalds is the best when it comes understanding and cashing in on the psychology of youngsters.

A panel of 200 parents voted on these awards. McDonald’s won the pester power award for their animated happy meal television ad’s. The also got the distinction of being the most irresponsible creator of food promotions for sponsoring a high school math website.


McDonalds brings back Monopoly!

The Monopoly promo will begin October 6th 2009 here in Canada. However, right now if you visit you can get a free roll online and a chance to win $1,000,000. So, if you are monopoly fan or not just visit and go for the free roll. You have nothing to lose. You have to click Menu and then click $1,000,000 daily roll to get your first free code. The online game ends November 16th 2009.

 The unfortunate thing is that while McDonald’s claim to fame is Fast Food (Fast being debatable) their website is far from fast. I am running high speed internet (8 mbps) and the game board took forever to load. Something like 4-5 minutes wait time. That’s pathetic. You would think that if they plan to run an online promo and pay for web design they would at least spring for some super fast hosting.

 Good Luck,

 Stephen Richardson