Canada Food Critic releases 6 new reviews

Canada Food Critic ( releases 6 new reviews

 This week we have 2 perfect reviews to present. We have a wide range of scores from very low to perfect! The first perfect score is from the Pacific Grill in Greenwood BC. You can read the review here:

The second perfect score is from Little Turkish Village in Orleans ON. This review was written by me and it can be found right here:

 A very strong scoring review for Boston Pizza has come in from Abbotsford BC. That review can be found here:

 We still have a call out for Boston Pizza reviews. There is just under 2 weeks left to take advantage of the Boston Pizza 10 for $10 promo and to have your review entered for a gift card for Boston Pizza!

Another review comes from me as well. I recently tried The Mix in Orleans ON. This place had great food and would have scored perfectly if the atmosphere was a bit more pleasant. Have a read here:

 At the bottom of the list of reviews for the week is All Hours Pizza and Donair in Edmonton. Based on prior reviews it is no surprise to see this place with yet another bad review. I guess this reviewer should have read our reviews before eating there!!

 Thanks for all of your reviews; I look forward to reading more this coming week.

Stephen Richardson