Burger King Make Over

Burger King will be rolling out a new design across all 12,000+ locations. They hope that the new design will boost sales. They say the new design has boosted sales already where it has been implemented. The new look is supposed to be more inviting in hopes of attracting more than a drive thru crowd.
Burger King also has plans to introduce an extra thick Steakhouse XT burger in February. It will be garnished with mayonnaise, fried onions, lettuce, steak sauce, cheese and tomatoes.

Whopper Wednesday 7 days a week!!

I just got back from Burger King. Yup, its Wednesday again. If you have been a member of my site for a while you know that I like to hit BK every week for Whopper Wednesday. Every Wednesday the King Deal is the Whopper. You get the meal for $3.99 or the burger for $1.99. I typically just get 2 burgers… why waste time with fries… 

Anyway, today when I received my order I got 2 coupons that will allow me to get the King Deal of my choice any day of the week. So, I am not restricted to Whopper Wednesday! Since there is a different King Deal every day regardless you are not really saving any money but you do get to enjoy the meal of your choice 7 days a week. I think it’s a great little promotion. I am sure this is their attempt to keep people visiting BK as opposed to running over to McDonald’s for the Monopoly promotion.

So… go get your king deal and enjoy.

Stephen Richardson

Canada Food Critic, Read, Dine, Review