Elgin Street Diner – Ottawa

It has been a long time since writing a review for any restaurant but I am finally back and I hope to be posting regularly in the future. Today I went to the Elgin Street Diner in Ottawa. The diner is very well known and has been features on “You gotta eat here”. I will start by saying… No, you don’t gotta eat here. The Elgin Street Diner can be summed up in one word, AVERAGE! There was nothing special about the place or the food. They have a few unique ideas but that is not going to make them live up to the hype.
I ordered the Smokey Burger. It comes with bacon, smoked gouda, house BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato. The sides were a dill pickle, coleslaw, and home cut fires. The burger itself was rather dry and definitely over cooked. If you are going to call it a Smokey burger you better make sure that there is a smoky flavour to something. Since the cheese did not deliver a smoky taste I expected the house BBQ sauce to deliver. In reality the house BBQ sauce was almost like eating flavoured ketchup. The spices reminded me of Indian style spices. Over all the burger was good, just not great and not something that would draw me in as a repeat customer. The coleslaw was good and reminiscent of the flavour that you get from KFC coleslaw. The fries where thinly cut in house and fried golden brown. There were probably the highlight of the plate and they were piled high.
My wife ordered the OMG eggs benedict. This was eggs benedict served on a bacon grilled cheese sandwich as opposed to the traditional English muffin. The sides were beans and mashed potatoes. The waiter did not ask how my wife wanted her eggs cooked and they came out hard. I personally consider hard boiled eggs in an eggs benedict plate to be a epic fail, my wife on the other hand likes them like that. Considering the lack of a runny yolk there should have been more hollandaise sauce. Her plate looked dry and she confirmed that it was. However, she said it was a good breakfast meal. The beans were something special. They had a very unique flavour that we both really liked.
Overall I would say this place was just average. I am not inclined to return anytime soon and probably never will. In all honesty you can get better food for better value at a chain like Boston Pizza of Montana’s. I would rate the Elgin Street Diner 2.5/5.

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Stephen Richardson