Well, where do I start. I have always enjoyed eating out at restaurants and trying different places. while living in Moncton Newbrunswick I realized that I was starting to go to the same restaurants time and time again. The reason was that when ever I tried a new one I was frequently disappointed. Even restaurants recommended by friends would disappoint more often than not. When I started asking others of their experience I realized that other thought like I did. Thats when I decided to start MonctonFoodCritic.com. About a year later Canada Food Critic http://www.canadafoodcritic.com was launched.

Now Canada Food Critic http://www.canadafoodcritic.comis Canada’s largest and leading restaurant reviews directory. There is no need to guess where to eat. Check out the reviews and decide for your self. The site is constantly under construction with many new feature to be added over the next 12-36 months. Stay tuned because these changes will be huge in assisting the average restaurant goer find the perfect place to eat.

So thats the store of how Canada Food Critic http://www.canadafoodcritic.com came to be. Please subscribe to our blog and visit often. I will be posting frequently and when it comes to updates you really want to be in the know.

Thanks for visiting.


Stephen Richardson


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