Food Safety Violations result in $20000 fine.


Chandra’s Takeout Restaurant and Catering
Markham Road in Scarborough


Fined $20,000


This is the maximum allowable fine for food safety violations. The problem stemmed from a cockroach infestation in August. On reading about the infestation I had vivid images from the movie Sweeney Todd running through my head. Apparently there were live cockroaches running around the food preparation area.


It was also reported that they where storing meat and other perishable food items at room temperature. Gee, do you think that had something to do with the cockroach infestation?


I am not sure a $20,000 fine is sufficient to keep these people from re-offending. This is a case of out right negligence and disregard for public health. Perhaps in a situation like this the food license should be revoked permanently!


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